The growth story

The Business Growth ScriptTM

A business growth script is a “help you help yourself” facilitated methodology, to help you work out your growth story; what should be the growth focus?

Specifically what to do about the painful sticking point for growth that your business has.

It gives you a story of the company’s future competitive rationale, based on the true, internal strengths of the business, allied with customer insight.

In as little as a week, this is all articulated for the customer, providing a commercially creative route-map, tailored for future growth.

It offers focused decision making for both the board and investors, helping to decide what NOT as well as pinpointing what needs to take place.

A story-telling way of doing it


Increasingly Business Story-telling must function in the new digital world...
There is a new stage and a participative audience ready and willing to tell and participate in business stories in new ways.
We are strong advocates of the creation of “Digital Growth Behaviour”, as a cultural, modus operandi at the centre of all business story-telling.
We believe this will become increasingly apparent in the new world order and a lynchpin of future long-term competitiveness.

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