Effective growth stories

Business Story case studies

A bunch of very smart chemists in the UK have a great invention to keep fruit fresher for longer, but lack a competitive narrative to turn it into a bigger growth business. We help them have the right conversations with a major food supermarket to position it as an added value service, not just cheap packaging.

A global soft drinks company from the US ,with a mega famous brand, wants to launch another version of itself;the same but different. We steer them to craft the business growth story and translate it in to global communication platform and content.

A global business services and consultancy firm, that is everywhere and does everything, decides, for the first time in its history, that it wants to have a genuine, distinctive, competitive story to tell, both on the inside and the outside. We work with their global management team to help them achieve that and translate it into across the board communication.  A global comms campaign is now appearing all over the world.

A rapidly growing UK based Digital Communication Agency needs more focus on what it really is and a distinctive point of view about the emerging market place and its role within it. We enable them to tell us and then articulate it for them.

A South African Media production company wants to get a lot bigger with a bigger narrative about what they are capable of. We help them to do that.

A  Global Whiskey company has a small brand that it wants to be globally recognised. We craft the story and work with a design agency to bring to to life.

A Maritime shipping company full of ex Royal Navy seaman need to create a brand and make a film about themselves . They hate marketing types but are happy to work with us to tell their own story. They do and make their film.

A UK start-up academy asked us to offer assistance to a selection over 50 new companies seeking investment. A business plan alone is not enough. You need an investment story. We are helping them to write those.