Straight talking

An antidote to marketing speak and spin

The Business Growth Script process is for those leaders or senior members of business management teams, (e.g. Company Boards of Directors), who don’t like, get, believe in, or trust “Marketing Speak” and the people who peddle it. There is nothing wrong with good marketing just the bullshit that sometimes goes with it.

It’s for those obsessed with how to grow their company, who know they may need help to do so, but are very wary of marketing and brand snake-oil miracle cures.

It offers no Brand or marketing bullshit, shunning all association and reference to things brand and brand-related marketing, yet harvests the best principles for customer-centric growth in an innovative and inclusive way.

It gives the chance to define and tell one’s own company’s business growth story in the way YOU want to tell it, using story-telling best practice from film and literature, allied to a bespoke “Strategic Growth Script” of critical growth orientated questions.

“Raw creativity meets the money”

This is how one studio executive describes how Hollywood works: a great parallel with business, particularly customer/consumer-centric ones.

Hollywood has been a highly successful business model for over 100 years. It is the most efficient story-telling machine on the planet. It has defined, and re-fined the art of inventing and telling stories, that people really want to hear and see, since its inception.

And Hollywood treats storytelling like the business of business. aptly described by one studio executive thus:

Selling a script has a lot more to do with thinking of your screenplay as a business plan than you think”…

You need to “learn to think like the people with the chequebook”.

It’s the one place that really knows how to successfully combine strategic thinking with creative doing, consistently and successfully.We can help you business do the same.