Fast, proven and effective

Why it works

Our approach works because:

  1. Enablement. The business owner and his or her team tell his or her own story, helped by not hindered by us, or having to adopt an outside, bolted on solution.
  2. It’s fast. At the core of the process is two days of senior management time. No massive research phase, no sausage machine development cycle. We create momentum fast and get action even faster, leveraging what you know, but looked at in new ways.
  3. User-friendly/easy to do. The Business Story ScriptTM process is designed for non-marketers and has worked with chemists, FD’s, electrical engineers, food scientists and inventors. Everyone gets stories and the depth of examples of other companies, which we provide to help people think about their own business, make it enjoyable and easy to engage with.
  4. Solution neutral. Why would you buy a solution when you haven’t nailed the problem? That’s what many marketing and brand agencies effectively ask you to do. Our process enables priority setting before marketing budget setting and implementation.
  5. A simultaneous creative and business focus approach to the business of growth. It’s hard to find both of these, side by side, but this unique process does. It provides creative perspective to think differently about your own business, allied to the rigour of business implications and decision making.
  6. Adoption-centric. Because business owners themselves define the answer, it is credible and founded upon the truth of the business, not bolted-on. Internally, this means people are more likely to adopt it; it is not an alien, external solution, that the business needs to be persuaded to adopt; it is already their own.